Libyan Mine Action Standards (LibMAS)

In view of what is required by the stage, especially the next stage, after the return of stability to the whole of the Libyan territory, we have decided as the Libyan Mine action Center of the Ministry of Defense to have national standards drawn from the international standards On the problem of pollution, because of its specificity in terms of the geographical area and nature of Libya, we have started working together with a consultant by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya Mine Action Department (UNMAS)and accredited by the Geneva International Center (GICHD)(2016-2017).

It was elaborated in detail to meet and professionally cover all mine action activities for humanitarian purposes and ensure the safety of task forces and land safety. Having been approved by the Government of National Accord In accordance with letter N / A / 98/147 of 31/08/2017 to be effective for local and international non-governmental organizations and commercial companies as well as government agencies that wish to work according to standard procedures of the standard, It was written in Arabic and English.

The LibMAS available on 2nd Jan 2017 are listed below. Click on the LibMAS to open a PDF file to read it or save it: