About Us

The Libyan Mine Action Centre (LMAC) was established in May 2011 by volunteer freedom fighters. Its urgent work was to clear mines and the explosive remnants of war in liberated areas. Dedicated volunteers worked to reduce risk, negotiate disputes, and encourage peace.

Throughout Libya, the population has organised themselves with pride and dignity, working to establish a free and peaceful Libya. Although their work is rarely publicised, some of those people have done more to remove mines and explosive hazards than any others.

In December 2011, the Minister of Defence appointed an LMAC management board and LMAC was mandated by the first directive issued by that minister to manage all Mine Action activities in Libya, and also manage a Technical Agreement with outside governments to secure Ammunition Storage Areas (ASAs) around the country.

Since that time, LMAC has been actively supporting Libyan efforts, including the significant achievements of the Libyan army. LMAC has also been assisting with the ASA programme and helping the international Mine Action NGOs working in Libya whenever possible.